Rico Macarones de chocolate – sin lactosa – sin gluten.

La tarde del domingo, preparé estos exquisitos y ligeros macarons sin lactosa ni gluten, ideales para acompañar, con un café con hielo, estás tardes se calor sofocante. Ingredientes Macarons – 100g Harina de almendras – 4 Claras de huevo – 200g Azúcar Glass – 40g Azúcar – Chorrito de café – Cacao en polvo para […]

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Pizza - Chaclacayo "Pizza del Cuadro"

Pizza – Chaclacayo “Pizza del Cuadro” – Masa casera –


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How To Make Chocolate Brownies With White Chocolate Chunks.


This is a recipe I threw together about a year ago because I was craving brownies. I have never had any luck with making brownies but I thought maybe if I tried it in a cookie I would have better results. I had some white chocolate chips I needed to use so I threw them in the recipe.
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